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Whether you are looking for an everyday workhorse, a race ready mile eater or just something that can handle the muddy track down the road, we have something to suit you and your budget.

With our renowned Alpina and Cape Wrath models heading up the current range we are excited to see them out on the trails.

Mountain Bikes
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Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular and it's easy to see why! With power assistance up to 15.5mph you can ride further, for longer and with less effort, making them ideal for commuting to work without arriving all sweaty as well as for those cyclists that aren't as fit as they used to be, or just ant to keep up with their (annoyingly fast!) partner.

Electric Bikes
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Our exciting range of kids bikes has been designed to be lightweight, functional and most of all fun to ride!

Encouraging your child to enjoy cycling can sometimes be tricky, especially if their only option is to learn on a heavy bike, with components that are too big and parts that are hard to use.  With a Squish bike, all those headaches have been removed to leave a simple to use lightweight bike that your child can really enjoy.

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has himself said he wouldn't get onto a crowded bus or train, so we should all be finding new ways of getting from A to B. the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the E-Scooter trials being fast tracked and now accessible to every region in the UK.

Already tens of thousands of E-Scooters are being sold into the UK market and with ourlatest new range we hope we can help show you a new way of Li-Fe.

Electric Scooters
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