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Segway Tours Rules of the Road

We operate in harmony with all users of Atholl Estates,

For everyone's safety and enjoyment please....

  1. Always use the safety equipment provided.

  2. Follow instructions from your Guide/Instructor.

  3. Always ride in a way that is comfortable to you.

  4. Maintain between 3 & 5m distance from the rider in front, and use the slow down signal to let others know you are stopping.

  5. Always stay in sight of your Guide/Instructor.

  6. If you are unsure of terrain, stop and tell your Guide/Instructor.

  7. Always slow down and as appropriate give way to vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and other users.

  8. Always stay to the LEFT HAND Side of the road or path you are using.

  9. Do not take photographs, video, or use a mobile phone whilst standing on your Segway.

  10. Remember that whilst your Segway is great fun, it is not a toy - inappropriate behaviour will be not be tolerated at any time.

.....remember to Smile & Have Fun!

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