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Blair Atholl Witch Project (Night Tour) Booking Enquiry

Please fill in this form and after submission we will contact you with possible dates and timings.

To join our night tour, you:

  • will need to be at least 13 years of age.

  • must weigh between 45kg (7 stone) and 110kg (17.5 stone).

  • be comfortable with being in the woods at night.

  • not have previously partaken in any occult activities such as ouija boards, etc.

  • agree to wear the safety helmet provided.

  • must wear suitable outdoor footwear (e.g. trainers or comfortable shoes/boots).

  • must dress for the Scottish weather.

  • must be able to step on and off the base of your machine - 20cm (8 inches) - unassisted.

  • are able to stand for the duration of the experience and without stopping (toilet breaks etc.).

  • must be able to independently lean from side to side and forwards and backwards whilst standing upright on the Segway.

  • will wear any prescribed glasses and have adequate vision to safely operate the Segway.

  • at all times agree to follow the instructions of your guide whilst on your Segway experience.



  • Pregnant women or people with back injuries and/or other serious health problems such as heart conditions should not participate in any of our Segway Experiences.

  • You must NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and you must inform the instructor of any visual or other physical impairments which may affect your safety before participating in any of our Segway Experiences.

  • You should not be of a nervous disposition.

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